Brooklyn Museum Cancels First Saturdays Dance Party

The Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum has canceled the popular dance party portion of its free Target First Saturdays. The museum announced the change on their web site with a note from Elisabeth Callihan, the director of adult programming, which was later reported by DNAinfo. Ms. Callihan says:

“We have to acknowledge, however, while the attendance is growing, our building is staying the same size, and we’ve run into some challenges with capacity crowds and traffic flow throughout the building.

“What does that mean for the event?  Well, essentially it means that we are going to put the dance party on hiatus for the time being. This was not a decision we made lightly.  We had a lot of discussion with staff and community members to get additional input. Since we made the decision, we’ve seen visitor feedback come in on both sides. Some people are looking forward to a new experience and excited for the change, while others are really sad to see the dance party go.”

This has spurred a range of reactions from museum visitors in the comments section of the announcement. [Sic throughout.]

-We need the dance party back this is insane every time we have something good that put smiles on people faces they take it away target first Saturday is the best thing that ever happened in bklyn thank you i have met celebrities and hopefully my future wife lol.

-I for one am happy to see the dance parties go. I loved the music and the idea, but they were a crowded mess of people who just wanted to show off and stand around.

-big fan of the dance parties, and sad to see them leave…that being said, my biggest peave with the dance parties was the really poor accoustics!

Brooklyn Museum Cancels First Saturdays Dance Party