Brooklyn Senate Candidates Square off in Contentious Debate [Video]

The two candidates debate

GOP State Senator Marty Golden and his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes, faced off in a debate before the Dyker Heights Civic Association last night. It was an aggressive clash with both candidates facing off in front of a packed crowd that cheered, clapped, booed and even hissed.

For his part, Mr. Gounardes most directly engaged Mr. Golden on women’s issues, including a declaration that the incumbent’s position on equal pay legislation is “shameful” and one rebuttal on post-rape abortion services consisting solely of “Marty, you voted against that bill three times up in Albany.”

While Mr. Golden, a former police officer, spoke most passionately on public safety issues.

“Illegal guns are the guns killing our children on our street!” he exclaimed after Mr. Gounardes accused him of being in the pocket of the gun lobby. “There were 2,600 people killed in 1991; 2,245 in 1992. This year it’ll be under 500…And guess what? It’s still not good enough. The only way to make it better is by going after the bad guys that got the guns and putting them in jail!”

Watch the debate below, courtesy of Bensonhurst Bean:

Brooklyn Senate Candidates Square off in Contentious Debate [Video]