City Hall Horse Race: Chasing Christine Edition

It’s time for the latest installment of our weekly scorecard rating how next year’s potential mayoral candidates performed in the past seven days. This week was relatively busy, with a number of new initiatives rolled out and an increasing amount of posturing to frame the 2013 election. Overall, it seemed like quite the week to pressure the mayoral frontrunner, Council Speaker Christine Quinn–even Girls star Lena Dunham joined the push for Ms. Quinn to allow a vote on the paid sick day legislation she has kept shelved so far!

Without further ado, here’re our highlights:

Bill de Blasio went straight into the belly of the beast declaring, “Let them eat caviar” to a room full of rich people, pushing a progressive tax plan in order to fund early education programs. In a complete coincidence, early education is a chief initiative of Ms. Quinn’s.

Scott Stringer won a little progressive respect by fully singing with the growing chorus calling on Ms. Quinn to pass that paid sick days bill thing. Extra points were awarded, as Politicker is wont to do, for scoring an adorable tweet in conjunction with his event.

John Liu outlined his own education initiative, arguing for an increase in the number of guidance counselors, which earned him props from public education advocates. He should have taken a shot at Ms. Quinn though, as that was clearly the cool thing to do this week.

Tom Allon figured out the winning formula for media coverage by attacking GOP’er, and fellow longshot candidate, George McDonald. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but it devolved into a hat-eating contest, which we would actually watch…if it were close by. Still a win.

Christine Quinn found another way to separate her brand from Mayor Bloomberg, and she’s still the front-runner. But on the other hand, heavy is the head that wears the crown, and her rivals won’t stop jostling to see who can bring her down the furthest. C’mon people!

Billy Thompson outlined a new job-creation plan, which would have been all fine and dandy, but he lost his appeal to void nearly $600,000 in illegal postering fines. He has 120 days to appeal again. Do voters head to the polls in over 120 days? They do, you say? Damn.

City Hall Horse Race: Chasing Christine Edition