Curiosity Rover Joins Foursquare, Checks in From Mars

One small step for Dens...

(Photo: Foursquare)

In a delightfully geeky publicity stunt for New York-based location checkin service, NASA tweeted moments ago that the Curiosity Rover has joined Foursquare. “Guess who just joined @Foursquare? That’s right… @MarsCuriosity just checked in from the Red Planet,” tweeted NASA. It’s the first-ever checkin on a different planet, and we have to admit it’s pretty awesome.

“One check-in closer to being Mayor of Mars!” the Rover wrote for its inaugural checkin.

Curiosity’s Foursquare page is decorated with beautiful photos of the surface of Mars and–in a polite nod to the planet’s potential future inhabitants–the Rover even left some tips at hotspots around Mars. “Wish you weighed less? Visit the Red Planet. Because Mars is so much smaller, its gravity makes you weigh only 3/8 what you do on Earth,” it wrote of the Gale Crater.

“Mars is cold, dry and rocky. Extra moisturizer and sturdy shoes would be a good idea, plus oxygen for those of you who breathe,” it added.

(Oh, you breathe? How twentieth century of you.)

Foursquare celebrated the event with a post on its blog. “Throughout its 23-month exploration of Mars (which began last month), the Mars Rover will continue to check in and share updates on Foursquare,” read the post, adding that a Curiosity-themed badge will be available soon.

Hey, that’s certainly cooler than the “Don’t Stop Believin'” karaoke badge.

Curiosity Rover Joins Foursquare, Checks in From Mars