CV for ‘Good Samaritan’ bill

TRENTON – The governor has conditionally vetoed the so-called Good Samaritan bill that would have protected people from criminal liability who seek medical help for others suffering a drug overdose.

Gov. Chris Christie in his veto message said the matter needs further study, and recommended the Division of Criminal Justice study the issue of drug overdose reporting and provide suggestions to the administration.

“This bill fails to carefully consider all the interests that must be balanced when crafting immunities,’’ he said in part in his veto message.

A578/S851 would have afforded protections to people who seek medical help for others to ensure those suffering from drug overdoses would have received attention as quickly as possible.

The governor signed into law another matter, A2024/S1614, which permits military funeral buglers to receive the state Honor Guard Ribbon.

CV for ‘Good Samaritan’ bill