ELEC says Big 6 committees raised over $4M

TRENTON – The so-called “Big Six” committees of the two major parties have raised slightly more than $4 million so far this year and spent slightly less, according to reports that disclose their campaign finance activities since Jan. 1, the Election Law Enforcement Commission announced.

According to ELEC, Republicans have outraised Democrats and have more cash on hand in New Jersey.

Through Sept. 30, Republicans raised $2.96 million among the N.J. Republican State Committee ($2.27 million); Senate Republican Majority ($359,717); and Assembly Republican Victory ($329,795).

They spent a total of $2.87 million, and have $900,842 on hand, with a net worth of $835,563, ELEC reported today.

The three Democratic parties raised a total of $1.12 million, spent $1.09 million, have $430,590 on hand, and a net worth of $356,910, ELEC reported.

The N.J. Democratic State Committee raised $479,805, the Senate Democratic Majority raised $216,401, and the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee raised $426,067.

Compared to the same period four years earlier, combined fundraising was down 8 percent, ELEC said. But spending, cash-on-hand and net worth all were slightly higher. Republican totals continue to see major improvement from four years ago, while Democratic totals are down. ELEC says Big 6 committees raised over $4M