Evening Read: ‘If You Come Down With a Case of Romnesia’

President Obama cracked the “Romnesia” line while campaigning in Virginia today. (Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo released his endorsement letter to GOP Senator Steve Saland.  “You have helped us transform State government over the last two  years and you are the type of colleague I need in Albany to help us continue to build a new New York,” Mr. Cuomo wrote, keeping to his administration’s messaging.

Democratic candidate Justin Wagner, campaigning against GOP Senator Greg Ball, put up a video entitled, “#Eastwooding Lessons with Justin Wagner.”

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries released a public service announcement making it clear that, no matter what you might think, he has not endorsed you.

For her part, Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to make it clear she does not think abortion protesters should be compared to the Taliban.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was upset with Ms. Quinn over the Council’s currently-shelved paid sick leave legislation. He held a feisty press conference questioning her “guts.” Ms. Quinn had to repeatedly respond to Mr. de Blasio during her own press conference. All the while, Crain’s Insider tried to figure out what Ms. Quinn’s going to do on the issue.

MoveOn.org’s political action committee endorsed three New York congressional candidates, all Democrats: Sean Patrick Maloney, Mark Murphy, and incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop. According to the press release, a MoveOn member in Staten Island declared her support by stating, “Mark Murphy is a Democrat and will support President Obama’s agenda.”

What could possibly be controversial about Green Party congressional candidate Donald Hassig?

I do not want Mexicans on the farms of St. Lawrence County, or the farms of Clinton County, or the farms of Washington County — any of these farms,” Hassig said.

Hassig blasted migrant workers for not speaking English and, he alleged, mistreating livestock.

“I would like to see them get their asses kicked out of here,” Hassig concluded, and he accused foreign workers of taking jobs away from North Country residents.

President Barack Obama‘s word of the day is “Romnesia.” Observe:

Evening Read: ‘If You Come Down With a Case of Romnesia’