Evening Read: ‘It’s Not a Crazy Theory’

NYT’s Mike Grynbaum speculated over Twitter that Mayor Bloomberg is “sporting great trench coat today. Burberry? Did he pick it up in England yesterday?”

STFU: Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s [paraphrased] message to reporters who want to badger him about policies proposed by the 2013 mayoral contenders. After this particular monologue, we paused to rethink the wording on our subsequent question about former Mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s rumored comeback campaign. Which is not happening, by the way.

Women’s rights groups and activists gathered on the steps of City Hall this afternoon to sound the warning bell over the still-ongoing investigation into Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s sexual harassment scandal. They focused on Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s new ethics panel’s investigation, rather than the criminal one being conducted by a district attorney.

Could former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng‘s indictment be related to the federal investigation into the federal investigation into Comptroller John Liu‘s fundraising? According to Mr. Meng’s daughter, Grace, “It’s not a crazy theory.”

As a side note, Mr. Liu also gave a pretty great quote on the investigation to the Queens Chronicle, we have to say:

“I’ve got nothing to hide. A couple of weeks ago I was shocked to learn the FBI had been tapping my phone for 18 months. And it’s been more than a year since they finished tapping my phone. Not only my phone, but nine others that are somehow associated with me. I could have saved them a lot of money because if they had told me they were interested, I’ve got unlimited 3-way calling. I could have just dialed them in.”

And here’s your daily story on Congressman Michael Grimm. Ofer Biton, an alleged fundraiser for Mr. Grimm, will take his immigration fraud case to trial rather than cooperate with the feds. Favorite line of the article:  “Orfaly did not return messages left by Al-Monitor this week at his chain of pita grill restaurants in New York and New Jersey.”

And Democratic State Senate candidate Justin Wagner will not be outdone by incumbent Greg Ball, at least when it comes to weird dancing videos:

Evening Read: ‘It’s Not a Crazy Theory’