Evening Read: ‘Obfuscation and Very Little Honesty’

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Headline of the Day: “State Senate Candidate Andrew Gounardes Interview Part I: ‘I Went to the Jay-Z Concert and Waited 45 Minutes for an R Train!'”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has strongly spoken out for Republican control of the New York State Senate, endorsed GOP’er Bob Cohen in one of the top two senate races this cycle. “I’m honored to receive Mayor Bloomberg’s support in this race,” Mr. Cohen said in a statement. “I plan to bring that same independent leadership style with me to Albany on behalf of Westchester County taxpayers.”

Oh, Mr. Bloomberg is also starting his own Super PAC to influence key elections around the country, headed by Howard Wolfson. Explaining the move, the mayor said, “I’ve always believed in the need for more independent leadership, and this new effort will support candidates and causes that will help protect Americans from the scourge of gun violence, improve our schools, and advance our freedoms.”

To that end, Mr. Bloomberg also joined his Mayors Against Illegal Guns in criticizing presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for their responses to last night’s gun question:

“I think what we did get was a perfect example of obfuscation and very little honesty. If you think about it, the president, as I remember, said he wants more conversation. Well, we’ve been saying this for quite a while now. We don’t need more talk. We need some leadership. Governor Romney said he brought both sides of the debate together. Well, why isn’t he trying to do that right now? … Then they had all this gibberish talking about education, that education is the solution to stop the killing. My recollection is that if the Aurora theater shooter, he was a PhD candidate, OK? And Virginia Tech, the massacre was committed by a student at a first class university … The solution is to prevent all people who shouldn’t have guns from getting them.”

In non-Bloomberg news, both candidates in New York’s 25th Congressional District released new ads today.

From Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyGRQrlBA2Q]

And from her GOP challenger, Maggie Brooks:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaEZZwhQSCY]

Evening Read: ‘Obfuscation and Very Little Honesty’