Extell Blames PR Guy Pissed About One57 Evacuations for Cashing in on Tragedy

For some, danger, or at least an inconvenience. (Getty)

PR maven Ronn Torossian, who was evacuated from his offices at 888 Seventh Avenue, has been passing around an op-ed to outlets across the city, Gothamist among them. He blames Extell Development for failing to maintain its now-crushed crane at One57, accuses the firm of negligence and mismanagement and endangering the people and economy of the city. “A thorn and open question remains the 90-story residential tower, One57,” Mr. Torossian writes, in his piece titled “Shame on Extell Development and Gary Barnett.”

“The city of New York should demand that Extell and Barnett pay back the city, residents and businesses back for the millions it will cost because of their negligence,” he concludes.

Extell released the following statement to The Observer taking Mr. Torossian to task for trying to capitalize on this misfortune.

We think is is obvious that Mr. Torossian is trying to take advantage of a natural disaster for own publicity and profit. The crane was inspected in anticipation of the hurricane on Oct. 26 and was positioned as it was supposed to be in preparation for a hurricane. Lend Lease, the construction manager for the site, is working together with the city Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management and Department of Buildings to ensure the safety of the street and to return people to their homes and businesses as quickly as possible.

Extell Blames PR Guy Pissed About One57 Evacuations for Cashing in on Tragedy