Did Sandy Leave Your Startup Stranded? Desks & Working Wifi in Midtown, the Flatiron, Williamsburg

#Sandycoworking to the rescue.

Inside AlleyNYC earlier this year.

New York City’s startup scene is nothing if not symbiotic and self-motivated. So it came as no surprise that yesterday afternoon, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ founder Charlie O’Donnell had already started organizing a list of available office space under the Twitter hashtag #sandycoworking. Some people will take any excuse to keep working!

Today, even more startups and coworking hubs have opened their doors, like Mirror, a social discovery platform for dating, social and professional purposes, which launched in March. “As a startup founder and CEO, I understand how important it is to be productive. Each day is critical in the life of a startup,” Mirror CEO and founder Daniel Mattio said in a press release.

If you end up using Mirror’s office, we bet a “Fuck it, Ship It” sticker would make an appropriate thank-you gift. 

New Amsterdam Ideas founder Noel Hidalgo has laid an updated list of potential options in a handy SANDY COWORKING MAP. And PivotDesk has also created an NYCSANDY site listing available desks and Wifi in Long Island City, DUMBO, New Jersey and more.

Here are details and contact information about the open desks, as of press time Wednesday:


28th and Broadway in the Flatiron District

Hours: 7 a.m. ET until 9 p.m. ET.

Costs: FREE!

Desks: “We have plenty of desk space.”

Broadband: “Yes it is fully up and running–we have Ethernet and wifi and plenty of power sources.”

Computers: Five or six free computers. “We have monitors, keyboards, mouses.”

Offer ends: “We will keep it going at least through the end of the week.”

Contact: info(at)mirror(dot)com


500 Seventh Avenue, 17th Floor

Desks: “We have room for about 50 more people (give or take).”

Cost: “We are opening up weekly pricing for those who are need of office space.” Here is the “Screw Sandy” price list, starting at $50 for half a week.

Computers: There are no computers, but wifi “works perfect.”

Contact: Book online.


300 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Desks: Half a dozen available as of press time.

Cost: The rate has been reduced from $35/day to $20/day for those affected by Sandy.

Computers: “We’re encouraging people to bring their own laptops.”

Offer ends: “The offer lasts at least through the end of the week, possibly longer depending on the state of power/internet service restoration in affected areas.”

Contact: nick@bitmapnyc.com


37 W. 28th Street

Desks: Maybe 10. People are coming in today, so space might be limited. “But, they’re welcome to do two to a desk if needed! Or always floor space to sit in light and enjoy internet!” PR director Katherine Sprung tells Betabeat.

Cost: FREE!

Contact: katherine@localresponse.com


279 Starr Street, Bushwick

Desks: 30 desks are currently available

Cost: $10 day pass

Computers: “No, but the Wifi works perfectly!”

Food: “All the supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants are open in our neighborhood as well.”

Contact: info@batha.us


209 W. 38th St (at 7th ave), Suite 1010

Desks: 8 desks available for coworking today and 3 tomorrow. “But anyone is welcome to swing by to recharge batteries and do a quick email check.”

Cost: FREE!

Computers: “No, but we have great WiFi.”

Food: “Midtown lunch spots are plenty and there’s a mini-fridge if you want to bring your own supplies.”

Contact: christina@quincyapparel.com


307 West 38th Street

Desks: As one of the first to respond to #sandycoworking, the free desks were quickly snatched up by Poptip.com, TheBasta.com, Readmill.com and Gateguruapp.com …

Offer ends: … But there may be availability through the week if there are any no-shows.

Contact: hello@headhunterlabs.com

The offers keep coming in through #sandycoworking. We’ll keep updating this post. Let us know if you want to be included: tips@betabeat.com Did Sandy Leave Your Startup Stranded? Desks & Working Wifi in Midtown, the Flatiron, Williamsburg