From the Archives

Content may be a little light this week as we hunker down with our team of analysts, quants and PhDs in Power List Central, so we thought we’d entertain you with a daily dose of history from our archives.  This gem was published a few years back and outlines every New Jersey congressional incumbent who lost his or her bid for reelection.  

Add 3rd District Democrat Jon Adler to the list after Adler lost his re-election shot two years ago to Republican John Runyan.  Adler died soon after and his wife is hoping to reclaim the seat next month.  And as pollster and PolitickerNJ columnist Patrick Murray correctly points out, Steve Rothman must also be added to the list, albeit with an asterisk for losing in a primary brought about by redistricting.

So as you hover on the edge of your seat waiting for the Power List (due out later this month) enjoy this offering.

Full List of House Losers  From the Archives