Everything We Need to Know About Marissa Mayer We Learned From Diaper Cake

If only fixing Yahoo were as simple.

Like so. (Photo: pinterest.com/spicygurl)

Marissa Mayer has long been a familiar name in the tech world. But with her ascendence to the role of Yahoo CEO, she’s become one of the most visible people in business, period. That means it’s time for a flurry of profiles digging into every facet of her personality, from her geek bona fides to her there-is-no-such-thing-as-burnout work ethic.

Stepping up to the plate this week:  New York, with a long, thorough look  at whether Ms. Mayer–who’s long stayed a little aloof from the “women-in-tech” fray–can quote-unquote “have it all.” (Tl;dr answer: We’ll see!)

But perhaps the most telling detail tucked into the profile (currently available for your reading pleasure at The Cut) comes from Craig Silverstein (a.k.a. the first Google employee), who told New York about something called a diaper cake, described as “three tiers of diapers in three different sizes, stacked around an empty cardboard tube and decorated all over with toys, onesies, and burp clothes.”

Apparently, they’re a thing, and they’re also a bit of a trademark for Ms. Mayer:

 Mayer has made them for many of her friends’ babies and once showed him how, Silverstein says. “She had a whole recipe. She helped me make one. We went to five different places to get the right toys. You spend all night putting it together.” At the tippy top, Mayer likes to put a plush toy octopus.

New York continues:

Silverstein calls the diaper cake “the perfect Marissa baby present”: “It has usability at its core.”

That diaper comparison is just a little dangerous when discussing a stinker like Yahoo. That said, everyone tut-tuting Ms. Mayer for cutting her maternity leave short should probably quit worrying about whether she’ll take childrearing as seriously as resurrecting Yahoo from the dead. Whatever her faults, this woman wouldn’t know a half-measure if it bit her on the ass.

Everything We Need to Know About Marissa Mayer We Learned From Diaper Cake