Google Will Not Surrender if France Charges For Search

French papers object to Google ads making money with their content.

French newspapers believe it’s unfair that Google profits from ads. They’ve been pushing their government for a law that would essentially make search engines like Google and Bing pay for the content they index. Google, concerned that the French government agrees with the publishers, has issued a warning about the effort:

Google France had said earlier that the plan “would be harmful to the internet, internet users and news websites that benefit from substantial traffic” that comes via Google’s search engine.

It said it redirected four billion clicks to French media pages each month.

So yes, Google is a little nervous about the possibility they may have to start shelling out Euros just to crawl French news sites. The search giant also sent a letter to the office of French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti which said in part that any law forcing them to pay “would threaten its very existence.”

Imagine! They might have to charge an extra $10 for the new Chromebook to make up the shortfall.

Google Will Not Surrender if France Charges For Search