Hurricane Sandy: Mayor’s Office and Google Team to Create The Crisis Map

Storm's a-comin'!


Mayor Bloomberg’s office has teamed with Google (GOOGL) to create Hurricane Sandy: NYC. It’s a handy “crisis” map that links to the latest N.Y.C. Emergency Management alerts, various city-related Twitter accounts and advisories about Hurricane Sandy from the National Hurricane Center.

Residents may be particularly interested in the map’s color-coded evacuation zones–currently Zone A is under a mandatory evacuation order.

Here are Google’s tips on how to best use the map:

  • Zoom the map using either the on-screen controls or your mouse.
  • Find additional layers in the Layers list, where you can turn them on or off. Scroll to see all layers.
  • Zoom to an appropriate view for each layer by clicking the “Zoom to area” links in the Layers list.
  • View selected layers in Google Earth by clicking the “Download KML” links in the Layers list.
  • Share the map in e-mail by clicking the Share button and copying the URL provided there. The URL will restore your current view, including the set of layers that you have turned on.
  • Embed the map on your website or blog by getting a snippet of HTML code from the Share button.
  • Share the link on Google+, Twitter or Facebook by clicking the appropriate button in the Share window.

We’ve embedded the map below.

[protected-iframe id=”0ea710f8b83009624b60d0a5121fc720-35584880-35923819″ info=”” width=”400″ height=”400″]

Hurricane Sandy: Mayor’s Office and Google Team to Create The Crisis Map