Back in Play

Calacanis. (Flickr: ElectricSheep)

As TechCrunch first reported, might once again become a functioning web domain, under the administration of Silicon Alley Reporter and founder Jason Calacanis. And if that sounds to you like a lede from 2000, you probably remember as the late-bubble content play—helmed by Kurt Andersen and Michael Hirschorn—that gave us both David Carr and the Segway.

“For 10-plus years I’ve coveted the domain name, and I’ve tried to own it,” Mr. Calacanis told The Observer. “I finally got it.”

Although he wouldn’t be specific about his plans for the domain—or what he paid for it—he did note its illustrious pedigree. The address has passed through the hands of Steven Brill and paidContent founder Rafat Ali since the original site went under. When GigaOm acquired paidContent earlier this year, the domain came up for grabs.

Mr. Andersen, for his part, can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to put it to use. “It’s a good name,, and I’ve been baffled (but not unhappy) that it’s gone unused for a decade,” he told The Observer. “I find it entertaining and somehow inevitable that Jason Calacanis is acquiring it.” Back in Play