The Katie Roiphe Show Comes to the New York Public Library

Get ready. Katie Roiphe, “one of Slate’s most provocative columnists,” will discuss her admiration for messy lives at the New York Public Library on next week. Ms. Roiphe’s new collection of contrarian essays, In Praise of Messy Lives, provides the jumping off point for a conversation with NYPL’s Paul Holdengräber, as well as a flurry of offended tweets from the chattering class.

At least, that’s what it seems that Slate is hoping for: “The book includes Katie’s unique take on everything from politics to pop culture to her own life, so the night is sure to be interesting. Maybe even messy,” writes Slate. Let’s hope!

But wait. Put that credit card back in your pocket before buying that $25 ticket.  Slate has a discount offer. “Even better news: Enter the code SLATENYPL to get a $10 discount on your ticket. See you there!” Slate enthusiastically writes.With the money saved, why not buy book and prep your indignation.  Or even better, read Ms. Roiphe’s column and use the extra cash to plan an affair over whiskey sours. Get messy!

The event is on October 10. The conversation feels like it has been going on since the early 90’s. The Katie Roiphe Show Comes to the New York Public Library