Lottery reports increased first-quarter sales over last year

TRENTON – Lottery officials are boasting higher revenue returns to the state during the first quarter of the fiscal year compared to FY 2012.

The New Jersey Lottery says a more than 7 percent spike in ticket and game sales resulted in a 5.7 percent increase in contributions to the state over the prior year. The lottery provided $266 million to state coffers during the first quarter of FY 2013, officials announced.

“This remarkable performance by the lottery in the quarter ended Sept. 30 brings its cumulative contribution to the state during the 41 years of its existence to $21.198 billion,” said New Jersey Lottery Executive Director Carole Hedinger in a statement.

Revenue generated from the New Jersey Lottery is used to fund student tuition scholarships and grants, programs for veterans and capital improvements in the state.

“The Lottery’s support for these essential programs and institutions reduces the public’s tax burden and enhances services for all New Jerseyans,” Hedinger said.

The announcement comes less than a month after a public workers union in the state issued a promise to work with lawmakers to move legislation that would afford some protections when government operations are privatized.

The Communications Workers of America, which represents 65,000 workers in the state, announced plans at the beginning of the month to work with legislators on S968, which establishes procedures for privatizing government functions.

CWA, which represents approximately 100 lottery workers, protested the prospect of a company called GTECH being named to run the lottery.

“The Christie Administration is saying they will make more money through internet and big box store sales,” said Ken McNamara, president of CWA Local 1037, which represents workers at the Division of Lottery, in a statement earlier this month.

“State workers are more than willing to do that, but they’re stopped from doing it now by the state.  All we’re asking for is to give people a fair shot at keeping their jobs,” he said. Lottery reports increased first-quarter sales over last year