Mayor Bloomberg Would Be ‘Shocked’ by a Rudy Giuliani Comeback Campaign

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This morning, the New York Post floated the idea of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani making yet another bid for Gracie Mansion, which few politicos in New York City took seriously. Well, you can count current Mayor Michael Bloomberg among the skeptics.

“Knowing Rudy, I think at this point in his life, I’d be shocked if he wanted to come back, but you can ask him,” Mr. Bloomberg told us during a press conference announcing a new media center in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Mr. Bloomberg also said, while he thinks it would be too late for Mr. Giuliani to run in next year’s race, he’d welcome Mr. Giuliani into the 2017 mayoral campaign.

“He was a mayor who made a very good positive contribution to this city and I’ve always said, the more candidates the better,” he continued. “So, if four years from now he wants to run, fine, I think it’s probably too late for him to run this thing.”

The current mayor also made sure to heap a little praise on his predecessor.

“You’ll never get me to say anything bad about Rudy Giuliani. He did things his way and he left it better, and we built on that,” he said. “He’s been very supportive of me and I will be supportive of whoever gets elected to succeed me. That’s my obligation, that’s what’s best for this city, I plan to be here for the rest of my life and I think my kids will be as well.”

Mayor Bloomberg is far from the only one who has doubts about the Post’s rumors of a Rudy redux. A well-placed official with the New York State Republican Party, which has been involved with the search for a GOP mayoral candidate, told Politicker they were very dubious about the idea of a Giuliani comeback.

“We haven’t heard anything about Mayor Giuliani running now or in the future,” they said.

For his part, Mr. Giuliani is keeping quiet. We have tried to reach him multiple times to discuss the rumors, but, as of this writing, he has not responded.

Additional reporting by Hunter Walker. 

Mayor Bloomberg Would Be ‘Shocked’ by a Rudy Giuliani Comeback Campaign