Michael Stipe Is Now The Simon Cowell Of GIFs

This is the absolute peak of "remember the 90's" moments.

(Photo: vimeo.com)

Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey have all taken brief pauses in their pop careers to now become reality show judges on The X FactorThe Voice, and American Idol, respectively. Although it’s not for a reality show, another 90’s icon, Michael Stipe, is getting in on the judging game.

He’s been elected to join the selection committee for “Moving The Still,” which of course is the world’s first GIF’s-only arts festival. The event is being put on by Tumblr as well as the art collection site, Paddle8, and will take place during Miami Art Week from December 4th to the 9th.

Mr. Stipe has a Tumblr of his very own, called “Confessions of a Michael Stipe” where he posts lots of pictures of art and architecture. This isn’t the first time the R.E.M. frontman has been involved with a Tumblr project before. A video profile of Mr. Stipe was featured on Tumblr’s Storyboard the week that it launched and heard him saying that his site was like “a little bit of a scrapbook” for himself.

He’s surprisingly very qualified to judge this contest because he’s a maker of high art GIF’s himself. This is one of his creations:

See, this is the kind of post that gets a lot of notes from people who love old computer screens and neon colors–also known as all of Tumblr’s entire user base.

Michael Stipe Is Now The Simon Cowell Of GIFs