Michele Bachmann to Barney Frank: ‘Welcome to Minnesota’

A still from Michele Bachmann’s new video. (Photo: YouTube)

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is heading to Minnesota tomorrow to appear at a fundraiser for his fellow Democrat, Jim Graves, who is running against congresswoman and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Ms. Bachmann’s campaign marked the occasion by releasing a video yesterday entitled “Barney Frank is Coming to Town.”

“Roll out the red carpet, shine up your shoes, but hide your wallets,” a narrator says in the clip as a jazzy soundtrack plays. “Jim Graves needs a little more campaign cash, so he’s doing what any good Wall Street banker, auto executive and corporate welfare fan would do: Ask Barney Frank to bring in the bucks.”

The video characterizes Mr. Frank as the “architect of the bailouts” who “sure knows how to recklessly spend and tax.”

“Big spending Jim Graves already supported the Wall Street bailout, the failed trillion dollar stimulus and budget-busting Obamacare. They’ll get along great,” the narrator says of Messrs. Frank and Graves. “Welcome to Minnesota Barney!”

As of the end of July, Mr. Graves had $351,622 on hand compared to $199,073 for Ms. Bachmann. Ms. Bachmann raised and spent far more than her rival in the first eight months of the year, but Mr. Graves, a hotel owner, has a personal income of between $22 and $111 million to draw upon for the race. According to a poll conducted last month (albeit, by a Democratic firm commissioned by the Graves campaign) the Democrat has a narrow two point lead over Ms. Bachmann.

Watch Ms. Bachmann’s video welcoming Mr. Frank to Minnesota below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7X_9j2avow] Michele Bachmann to Barney Frank: ‘Welcome to Minnesota’