Microsoft Launching News Coverage on

Microsoft will aggregate news from Reuters and the A.P.

On the heels of its divorce from NBC News, Microsoft has apparently concluded it wants to stay in the news business.

A newly news-centric will roll out with the official launch of Windows 8 on October 26. The software giant’s Bob Visse says things are amicable with the ex partner in reportage, but Microsoft really needed to do Microsoft:

“We still have a relationship with MSNBC, but we’re going to have our own news product called MSN News,” Bob Visse, general manager of product management at MSN, said in an interview with Mashable.

Coverage will be 24/7 and will come out of Microsoft’s home base in Redmond, WA. Articles will be brief and combined with newswire reports. Mr. Visse also told Mashable that Microsoft’s news staff will be as large as the staff that once ran

Considering the nearly half-billion visitors surfing monthly, the new operation won’t have trouble sustaining itself, which is great because it’s like no one is really covering news anymore.

Microsoft Launching News Coverage on