Mitt Romney Says Joe Biden Has the Edge in Vice Presidential Debate

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While President Barack Obama’s campaign is touting Vice President Joe Biden’s debate skills, promising a “forceful and compelling” performance, Mr. Obama’s Republican rival is going in the opposite direction. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last night, Mitt Romney said his running mate, Paul Ryan, shouldn’t be expected to dominate.

“I don’t know how Paul will deal with this debate. Obviously the vice president has done, I don’t know, 15 or 20 debates during his lifetime,” Mr. Romney said when asked what viewers can expect, labeling the incumbent vice president an “experienced debater.”

“This is, I think, Paul’s first debate, I may be wrong,” he added. “He may have done something in high school, I don’t know. But it’ll be a new experience for Paul.”

Mr. Romney went on to argue Mr. Ryan will win on substance even if he isn’t the best “presenter.”

“I think, frankly, Paul has the facts on his side, he has policy on his side, and we also have results on our side,” he said. “I think you’ll find in the final analysis that people make their assessments on these debates not so much on theatrics or the smoothness of the presenter, but instead on whether they believe the policies being described, the pathway being described, will make their life better or not.”

Mr. Ryan and Mr. Biden face off tomorrow night.

View Wolf Blitzer’s full interview with Mr. Romney below:
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