Morning Read: ‘Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption’

The scene from Politicker’s station on the media filing room floor at Hofstra University.

Lincoln Restler has officially lost his reelection bid by 19 votes, or 0.16% of the 12,055 total ballots cast. After perhaps $100,000 spent and countless campaign hours invested, Chris Olechowski, supported by the county establishment, will take Mr. Restler’s unpaid, little-known position for the next two years.

The Democratic National Campaign Committee launched a new wave of advertising, which includes two New York representatives they have never spent money on before: Congresswomen Kathy Hochul and Louise Slaughter.

While Congresswoman Nan Hayworth deployed her parents in her latest campaign ad. “These ads are rubbish!,” Ms. Hayworth’s mom declared. Ms. Hayworth casually reads Paul Johnson’s 1,104 page tomb, A History of the American People, during the commercial.

The New York Times looked into some of the shady independent expenditures going on in the battle for the State Senate. One of the campaign mailers out there apparently attacks incumbent Senator Joe Addabbo for providing a member item to a nonprofit entitled, “Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc.”

The Times also declared President Barack Obama‘s debate performance the reverse of his first confrontation with Mitt Romney. For their part, the New York Post thought Mr. Romney won, “because, unlike the president, he scored on substance rather than style,” while the Daily News was more circumspect.

Here’s video of Governor Andrew Cuomo reacting to last night’s debate. And here’s his formal response:

“The second debate was clearly a decisive victory for President Obama. He demonstrated he has an effective record as commander in chief, presented a real plan for moving America’s economy forward, and provided a stark contrast to Mitt Romney’s endorsement of the same failed ideas that led us into this fiscal crisis in the first place. New Yorkers and all Americans were given a clear choice in this debate for our nation’s future and the President’s performance has made it an easy choice.”

Watch the entire debate below:

Morning Read: ‘Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption’