Morning Read: ‘Obama Better Hope a Kicked Butt Is Covered by Obamacare’

Marty Markowitz hanging with the Harlem Globetrotterss. (Photo: Kathryn Kirk)

Ads! Lots of Republican ads. North Country congressional hopeful Matt Doheny has not one, but two. While incumbent Syracuse Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle and Rochester candidate Maggie Brooks have identically named ones themselves. (Although for obvious reasons, Ms. Brooks’ one isn’t exactly an ad).

“After 87 years of entertaining millions across the country and around the world, the Harlem Globetrotters are finally going to play a game in Brooklyn at our spectacular new Barclays Center,” Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said yesterday. “And now that I have met the players up close and in person, I can say for sure that this is a team that I really look up to.”

The GOP candidate quixotically campaigning against scandal-tarred Assemblyman Vito Lopez no longer wants the job. “He seems like a genuine guy looking to help the community any way he can,” that candidate, Richy Garcia, said. Unless he is nominated for a judgeship, dies, or leaves the state, however, he’s going to be an option on the ballot.

City & State reports that Assemblyman Alan Maisel is interested in term-limited Councilman Lew Fidler‘s seat in 2013, now that former Assemblyman Frank Seddio has a new gig, and Brooklyn Young Democrat Mitch Partnow is interested in Mr. Maisel’s seat should that come to pass. Mr. Seddio controls the county committee in Mr. Maisel’s district, so he would be able to handpick the assembly candidate if it’s vacated and a special election occurs.

“An Obama supporter sounds nervous,” a New York Post Twitter feed proclaimed, picking a presidential debate-related fight with Councilman Jumaane Williams, who had speculated, “Maybe this is the #Obama rope-a-dope and he’ll put that real smack-down next debate.”

While Councilman Peter Vallone tweeted, “wow obama without teleprompter is like underdog without his super energy pill,” and “best post on my FB pg so far, ‘obama better hope a kicked butt is covered by obamacare.'”

Mr. Williams also penned an op-ed in the Huffington Post yesterday entitled, “An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street,” where he urged the movement to grow up a little. “[Y]ou have engaged in some actions rooted in a cat-and-mouse game with the NYPD, seemingly for the sole purposes of antagonization just to prove you can,” he explained. “It may be the plans of a minority, but they may diminish the laudable causes that brought you into existence.”

“I guess it’s an honor for the Q train to be listed in the same august company as Euclid, Plato and Zeus,” M.T.A. spokesman Adam Lisberg said of a winter storm being named after the subway line. “We’re always leery of anything that equates a remarkably well-run subway system with disruptions to millions of people across the country.”

Councilman Eric Ulrich made his pitch for the New York State Senate on The Perez Notes, and said his opponent, incumbent Joe Addabbo, focusing on hydrofracking “just shows how out of touch he is.” Watch below:

Morning Read: ‘Obama Better Hope a Kicked Butt Is Covered by Obamacare’