Morning Read: ‘The Alamo — That’s My Analogy’

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in New York last night. (Photo: Getty)

Alec Baldwin, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer. Those are three people New Yorkers do not want to become mayor in 2013, according to a recent Marist survey. They may have also polled some of the more serious candidates.

Miss last night’s comedy jam with President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the Waldorf-Astoria? You can catch up here and here.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Juniper Park Civic Association debate, which also happened last night, between Assemblywoman Grace Meng and GOP Councilman Dan Halloran, both congressional candidates.

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth and her Democratic challenger, Sean Patrick Maloney, saw their race profiled by The New York Times. The latest Siena College poll showed Ms. Hayworth close to the needed 50% but Mr. Maloney making up ground, down 7% overall. The survey has Mr. Romney up over Mr. Obama 49% to 46%, which isn’t unreasonable for a district Mr. Obama won 52% to 47% in 2008, but might suggest some remaining opportunity for Mr. Maloney among the undecideds.

The New York Post‘s entertainment section profiled one of Brooklyn’s two young Republican clubs. “The Alamo — that’s my analogy,” said the group’s president, Glenn Nocera, 37, of being a Republican in the borough.

Those interested in southern Brooklyn politics may be interested in the growing generational gap between older Russian Jewish immigrants and their children. Republican State Senator David Storobin explained it, “Older Russians — the ones who remember Soviet times — tend to be more conservative,” while Democratic Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny concurred, saying “he’s long predicted a 50-50 split among younger Russian-speaking Jews when it comes to presidential elections, followed in the near future by a majority of that population voting Democratic.”

Watch Mr. Obama on The Daily Show below:

Morning Read: ‘The Alamo — That’s My Analogy’