Morning Read: ‘Whether It’s Republicans or Democrats, Crips or Bloods’

Debate 2012: “Pataki and Conan skit” (Photo: @DaveCatalfamo)

The New York Times profiled the race between Suffolk County Rep. Tim Bishop and his Republican challenger, Randy Altschuler. Despite a Siena poll showing Mr. Bishop ahead by a large margin, “most experts now say the race has narrowed significantly.”

The New York Post felt Mitt Romney had a clear win during last night’s debate with President Barack Obama, which The Times unsurprisingly disagreed with. The Daily News, serving as an editorial board tie-breaker, gave Mr. Obama a solid, but not overwhelming victory.

Staten Island GOP Rep. Michael Grimm sided with the Post in evaluating last night’s rhetorical bout, declaring in a statement, “After this debate, Governor Romney remains the clear choice. President Obama was arrogant, stubborn, and simply not presidential. At one point the president was quick to defend his budget, which has repeatedly failed to receive one single vote in the Democrat-led Senate, demonstrating his complete lack of interest in working with Congress – a pattern I’ve witnessed throughout my term in Congress.”

Will Governor Andrew Cuomo drink this one, or would it be too much of a 2016 hint?

Gov. Cuomo is about to get a taste of the White House.

The folks at the Brooklyn Brewery are bringing a special brew with them to Gov. Cuomo’s much-anticipated Beer and Wine Summit on Wednesday – a honey ale that was brewed using a recipe crafted by chefs at the White House.

“I hope to get one in the hands of Cuomo,” said Brooklyn Brewery Founder Steve Hindy.

“Fiorello La Guardia said a long time ago, on a different subject, ‘There’s Democratic or Republican way to clean the streets of New York.’ George Washington many, many years ago, warned us about the problems of factions in this country,” newly-minted GOP mayoral candidate Tom Allon said of his recent party switch on Inside City Hall last night. “To put a label on people, whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, Crips or Bloods, leads the problems.”

House Majority PAC has a new ad out slamming GOP Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle.

And, for his part, President Obama has a new positive ad out, entitled “Determination”:

Morning Read: ‘Whether It’s Republicans or Democrats, Crips or Bloods’