Nick Denton: ‘Yep, Love is Messy’

Nick Denton. (Photo from Facebook)

Nick Denton’s  boyfriend, the actor Derrence Washington, had a new off-off Broadway play open last Friday. But apparently, the theatre didn’t provide enough drama for Mr. Washington’s ex, who has been harassing the couple. The love triangle has escalated to the point where the cops have been called, reports the Post.

While Mr. Denton is doing all the things that people in new relationships do–changing his Facebook status, introducing his new boyfriend to his friends, hosting parties to celebrate his new boyfriend’s play, the jealous ex is doing all the things that jealous exes do (in movies at least). The caricature of an angry ex-boyfriend recently threw a brick through the window of the Gawker mogul’s Soho loft.

Ah,  will the course of true love ever run smooth?

When the Post reached out to Mr. Denton for a comment on the situation, he used the opportunity to gin up some publicity and pageviews.

“After that Hulk Hogan sex tape on Gawker, I can hardly complain about intrusion into my private life!” he said in an email to the Post.

“Yep, love is messy,” he added. Messy like a Hulk Hogan sex tape?


Nick Denton: ‘Yep, Love is Messy’