NY Mag‘s ‘Sex Diaries’ to Maybe Become a TV Show

New York Magazine‘s “Sex Diaries”–the running Daily Intel feature where a New Yorker chronicles their sexual adventures for a week–will soon be on the small screen.

Vulture reports that the show will be set in the city (as one would assume) and follow ten interconnected characters as they (we are just guessing here) date and look for love and have sex. But probably tame sex! The pilot is for ABC Studios. And some of what gets written about in “Sex Diaries” isn’t all that PG. The writer will be Tom Spezialy, who has written for Desperate HousewivesThe Reaper and Jack & Jill (remember that show?).

No word on how it will be different than any other show about people hooking up in the big city. But at least it should get some good NY Mag recaps. And maybe a reality index.

And we can think of another other show about sex and the city that started as media columns….

<EM>NY Mag</EM>‘s ‘Sex Diaries’ to Maybe Become a TV Show