Obama Is Happy to Talk About the Debate, But Silent on Benghazi

(Photo: Getty)

Campaigning in Williamsburg, Virginia this morning, President Barack Obama spoke to reporters about his feeling’s ahead of tonight’s presidential debate, but he was much less chatty when asked his thoughts on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepting responsibility for evolving explanations of the terrorist attack against the U.S. embassy in Libya last month.

At a photo-op, reporters standing 50 feet away hurled questions at Mr. Obama. One asked how he felt about tonight’s sparring session with his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

“I feel fabulous,” Mr. Obama answered with a smile, according to a pool report. “Look at this beautiful day.”

Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama cast an early ballot for Mr. Obama in Illinois while urging the president’s supporters around the country to do the same. Asked how it felt to know he had his wife’s vote, Mr. Obama turned around and shouted, “Thank goodness!”

However, Mr. Obama was apparently less eager to discuss Ms. Clinton’s attempt to take responsibility for the Obama administration’s controversial response to the attack on the diplomatic post in Libya.

“Is Hillary to blame for Benghazi?” came the final inquiry yelled at Mr. Obama.

Mr. Obama did not respond and walked way. Obama Is Happy to Talk About the Debate, But Silent on Benghazi