Onswipe Announces Its First Hackathon, Encouraging Devs to ‘Hack Their Way to HTML5 Glory’

There will be beer.

(Photo: Onswipe)

Hey you, what are you doing next weekend? Would you like to flex your HTML 5 and Javascript skills with the potential to win some sweet prizes? If the answer is yes, Onswipe has a hackathon for you! If the answer is no, what’s your problem anyway?

On October 19th, Onswipe is holding its first ever 48-hour hackathon at the company’s Union Square-based HQ. The startup assures us, in bolded font, that there will be beer. The theme of the hackathon is HTML5–unsurprising given Onswipe’s own underlying code infrastructure.

According to a post soon to be published on the Onswipe blog:

We know that [HTML5] covers a broad range of web apps, libraries, and general hackeries. That’s the point! We’re looking forward to creating cool HTML5 stuff with you, whatever it is you can think of.

Keep in mind you’ll have Onswipe’s arsenal of 30+ touch devices available for you to develop on, if you want. We have everything from iPads, to Galaxies, to Kindle Fires. In general you’ll have the whole Onswipe office at your disposal, plus a bunch of Onswipe’s best hackers.

The hackathon is a leadup to Empire.js, an event that will feature speakers and projects from New York’s Javascript community. Hackathon winners will have the chance to win tickets to Empire.js, as well as some sweet iPads. You might even get to meet Onswipe’s adorable office dog, Johnny.

“We’ve wanted to do a hackathon for a while and figured now was the right time to do it,” Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste told Betabeat. “Apps are clearly still bullshit and we think an HTML5 hackathon is a great way to get passionate engineers to build some awesome things for the web. Onswipe was originally started as a weekend hackathon-like project and maybe the next Onswipe will come out of this hackathon.”

Interested participants can register here.

Onswipe Announces Its First Hackathon, Encouraging Devs to ‘Hack Their Way to HTML5 Glory’