RoboRomney Parody: Watch the Mitt Bot Agree With Anything You Like

The viral political hits keep on coming.

If last week’s memeification of fired Big Bird is any indication of a trend, this is the world’s first GIF elections and debate-watching now consists of sitting around waiting for your joke to go viral.

RoboRomney, which you’re likely to start seeing in your Facebook Newsfeed, is on the more incisive end of the political meme-critiques (meme-tiques?).

It’s a single-serving web site that inputs your political positions on a list of topics and spits back matching Romney quotes and video montage, showing that Mitt has–at one point, at least–supported every position you could possibly take on an issue.

Tell the site you have liberal views on tax reform? It spits back Mr. Romney saying, “We can raise taxes on the people that are under the age of 55, that’s one way we can do it. And one is to say we’re gonna raise the retirement age, well that alone would… well I said we could raise taxes.” Punch in that you’re more of a moderate? You get a shifting perspective: “Unless we’re going to rein in excessive federal spending, holding down taxes would mean unacceptable deficits.” Identify with the far-right? Well, there’s a Romney for that too: “I’m not a fan of raising taxes. The government takes enough from the American people.”

A diligent–or extremely bored–Redditor cataloged all of the site’s possible responses.

Sorry, Mitt. Even a fake Twitter army can’t save you from the wrath of Redditors. RoboRomney Parody: Watch the Mitt Bot Agree With Anything You Like