Scientists Identify Species of Adorable Miniature Dinosaur


(Photo: Paul Sereno and Carol Abraczinska,

Let’s just go ahead and all agree, right now, that dinosaurs are freakin’ awesome. Now that that’s settled, allow us to blow your mind: one paleontologist has discovered a new species of dinosaur that’s approximately the size of a house cat. How cute does that sound?

According to the New York Times, dinosaur specialist (best title ever) Paul C. Sereno first laid eyes on the new baby dino species back in 1983 at Harvard, but somehow didn’t get around to actually studying it until now. His research has led him to determine that the dinosaur, called a Pegomastax, had sharp fang-like teeth used to defend itself, though its diet consisted of vegetarian fodder.

The little dino, which would’ve only grown to about two feet long, might have also sported quills like a porcupine. The Pegomastax sounds so ugly it’s cute–kind of like a sloth or an armadillo.

For his next act, we expect Dr. Sereno to identify a dinosaur the size of a hamster. Until then, we wait.

Scientists Identify Species of Adorable Miniature Dinosaur