Sean Patrick Maloney Goes All-Out With Tea Party Imagery

(Photo: YouTube)

Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney really wants you to associate incumbent Rep. Nan Hayworth with the Tea Party movement, at least if his television advertisements are any indication.

“Congresswoman Nan Hayworth’s gone Tea Party on us, and it’s not pretty: voting to end Medicare to pay for tax breaks for millionaires….like her,” the narrator in Mr. Maloney’s first commercial declared as constituents are shown sipping tea and gagging at the bitter taste. “For all her sugary promises at home, Congresswoman Hayworth abandoned us in Washington where she joined the Tea Party to defund Planned Parenthood.”

And Mr. Maloney’s latest ad managed to embrace the Tea Party messaging even more literally. Ms. Hayworth’s photograph is displayed on a teacup, with “Rep. Hayworth TEA PARTY” written on the paper attached to the tea bag for anyone who might have missed the subtle visual. After each of Ms. Hayworth’s conservative positions are announced, the cup cracks, ultimately shattering.

“Nan Hayworth works for Tea Party extremists, not Hudson Valley families,” Mr. Maloney explains after the cup is reduced to shards.

The electoral battle between Ms. Hayworth and Mr. Maloney is considered among the most competitive congressional races in the state. For her part, Ms. Hayworth has worked to brand Mr. Maloney as a “carpetbagger” in her advertising.

Watch both of Mr. Maloney’s ads below:
[youtube] Sean Patrick Maloney Goes All-Out With Tea Party Imagery