State Senator Says ConEd Is Taking ‘Too Damn Long’ to Get Electricity Back

Senator Ball delivering dry ice. (Photo: Mr. Ball’s office)

State Senator Greg Ball, a Republican representing Westchester County and other areas of the Hudson Valley, is not happy with the response efforts to get power restored to his district in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Accordingly, Mr. Ball sent out a press release this morning titled, “BALL: ‘10 DAYS IS TOO DAMN LONG,'” calling on both Consolidated Edison and New York State Electric & Gas to get electricity back to the area posthaste.

“We applaud the first responders, law enforcement, fire and work crews working around the clock, yet according to the current predictions, utilities are expecting power restoration to take over a week — this is absolutely unacceptable, ten days is too damn long,” he said in the statement. “At the highest level I am asking the utilities to heighten expectations and do whatever it takes to make the solution a matter of hours or days, not weeks. We have seniors and families that simply cannot go that long without adequate shelter.”

For its part, ConEd’s most recent news update on its website states the company is working tirelessly with organizations like the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services to recover from “the most devastating storm in company history.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mr. Ball had mildly explicit criticism for ConEd. During the peak of the energy giant’s contract dispute with its workers, the occasionally outspoken senator sent out a press release telling them to “cut the crap.” State Senator Says ConEd Is Taking ‘Too Damn Long’ to Get Electricity Back