Steve Wozniak Enjoyed Telling Polish Jokes Before Everyone Got Too ‘PC’

Insert Apple vs. PC pun here.

Hehe. (Photo: Belfast Telegraph)

In order to commemorate the 15th anniversary of tech news haven Slashdot, the “news for nerds” site invited Apple (AAPL) cofounder Steve Wozniak* to answer a few questions from its community members. The majority of questions revolved around Mr. Wozniak’s opinions on the current tech ecosystem, including what excites him about technology and where he goes to “satiate his inner tinkerer.”

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One offbeat question, however, engendered an equally offbeat answer. When asked what his favorite joke is, Mr. Wozniak replied:

Too many jokes to have a favorite….I had favorite jokes in the days before PC but they were mostly Polish jokes. The Polish American Congress, inc. threatened me with lawsuits for defaming Polish people. I asked if it was ok to tell them as Italian jokes instead and they said, “fine.”

I told a joke at the Engineering graduation at U. Colorado, Boulder once to point out how people don’t think logically. Q: What do you call four Mexicans in Quicksand? A: Quatro cinco (sinko). It doesn’t stereotype or demean Mexicans. It’s a funny use of words. But I got told that I had offended 400 people.

Mr. Wozniak clarified by saying that he just likes to make jokes in different languages.

Maybe you should introduce Mr. Wozniak to your semi-culturally insensitive grandpa. We have a feeling they’d get along.

*Super important and highly relevant disclosure: This reporter’s cat, Woz, is named after Steve Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak Enjoyed Telling Polish Jokes Before Everyone Got Too ‘PC’