Stockton Poll: Runyan leads Adler 49-39%

The Stockton Polling Institute today released a poll of the 3rd Congressional District showing Republican incumbent Jon Runyan leading Democratic challenger Shelley Adler by a margin of 49 percent to 39 percent among likely voters. 

“These polling results are from the first independent poll made public in this district,” said Daniel J. Douglas, Director of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy. “With 12 percent of voters undecided, candidate Adler still has an opportunity to close the lead on Runyan, though Runyan is clearly in a better position.”

Of all those surveyed, 51 percent have a very or somewhat favorable opinion of Runyan, while 26 percent have a somewhat or very unfavorable opinion, with 21 percent unsure  or unfamiliar with him, according to the poll. For Adler, 39 percent of those surveyed have a very or somewhat favorable opinion of her, while 26 percent have a somewhat or very unfavorable opinion. One-third are unfamiliar with the candidate or unsure of their opinion about her.

Voters’ views of Runyan’s job performance differ from their view of Congress overall, with 43 percent rating Runyan’s job performance as excellent or good and 37 percent rating his performance as fair or poor. Only 10 percent of the voters approve of the job performance of Congress, while 87 percent disapprove.

Also in the poll, the race for the United States Senate seat has incumbent Democratic Senator Robert Menendez leading Republican challenger Joseph Kyrillos by a 46 to 38 percent margin in the 3rd Congressional District. In the presidential race, incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama leads Republican challenger Mitt Romney by 49 to 41 percent in this southern New Jersey congressional district. Stockton conducted the poll before the first presidential debate.

Although he is not on this year’s ballot, 50 percent of likely voters rate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s job performance as excellent or good, while 48 percent rate his performance fair or poor. While his job performance numbers are nearly split, his favorability rankings are more positive with 57 percent viewing him very or somewhat favorably, while 40 percent view him somewhat or very unfavorably.

Stockton conducted the poll of 614 likely voters from September 28th to October 2nd. Interviewers called both land lines and cell phones. The survey has a margin of error of +/-4.0 percent.

Stockton Poll: Runyan leads Adler 49-39%