Team Obama: Expect Joe Biden to Be ‘Forceful and Compelling’ in V.P. Debate

You ready for this, Paul Ryan? (Photo: Getty)

Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t had much in the way of media exposure since he came out for gay marriage in May. However, President Barack Obama’s representatives say the American people can expect an “exceptional spokesman” for the president to take the debate stage Thursday night when Mr. Biden faces off against his Republican counterpart Paul Ryan.

“There is a–there really is–it really is the case that the Vice President is an exceptional spokesman for the principles that are the foundation of the President’s policies when it comes to his economic agenda and the need to build our economy from the middle out,” Mr. Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney said on the campaign airplane earlier today, according to an official transcript.

Mr. Carney, who noted he’s worked with Mr. Biden for multiple years, said when Mr. Biden “stands on any stage” and talks about the issues that concern the American people, he’s able to make the case for Mr. Obama’s policies. As examples of this, he cited Mr. Biden’s past comments on the auto bailout and health care reform.

“The Vice President speaks passionately about these issues because they reflect where he comes from and what he believes and what his values are,” he continued. “And I expect anytime he stands before the American people to talk about the President’s record on these issues he’ll do so in a forceful and compelling way.”

Mr. Obama’s campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki also weighed in to tout the vice presidential debate as “an important opportunity to lay out the choice.”

“Well, any opportunity you have to lay out the choice the American people are facing to a large audience is a good opportunity. The vice presidential debate is certainly one of them,” she said. “We know that the Vice President and Paul Ryan certainly come to the table later this week with experience arguing their own positions–their positions, the positions of the different tickets, and we expect they’ll do that later this week….We’ll all be watching. The President will be watching.” Team Obama: Expect Joe Biden to Be ‘Forceful and Compelling’ in V.P. Debate