Thoughts and Feelings: Tao Lin’s Hurricane Liveblog

Do you like your hurricane coverage with a healthy dose of ennui? Do you find most Hurricane Sandy news too

Tao Lin

Do you like your hurricane coverage with a healthy dose of ennui? Do you find most Hurricane Sandy news too “newsy”? If you want to read about how the hurricane makes people feel, about what it does for hopes, dreams, unfulfilled goals, general anxiety and drug intake, then maybe you should be reading Tao Lin’s liveblog over at Thought Catalog.

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Stay tunned as Mr. Lin and other Thought Catalog contributors feel the crushing dread and anxiety of being alive–all while dealing with the reality of being stranded inside during a storm.

Below are a sampling of some of our favorite posts:

6:57PM, Murray Hill, Manhattan Ingested ~15mg Adderall. Waiting for more Adderall to arrive. Ate a pint of “Three Twins” ice cream & 2 packs of chocolate-y, mint-y “cup” things (via Paul Newman) on low doses of Ativan and Xanax. Typed “hurricane xanax” in a chatroom. Keep glancing at an unopened package of Fig Newman’s in corner of room. (Tao)

9:06PM, Murray Hill, Manhattan Felt distracted while pouring cereal into bowl. Missed bowl & poured cereal onto [thing I found on street a few weeks ago], friend’s bag, my floor. This happened probably 40-60 minutes ago (have been having problems resizing the pic). (Tao)

10:01PM, Murray Hill, Manhattan This is me liveblogging this. The window beyond the bed is open & I hear “nothing” except sometimes the leaves rustle a little. Was thinking about Hurricane Irene…feeling emotional. (Tao)

Readers and Thought Catalog contributors are also contributing:

12:58, East Village Roommate and I are not really sure how we’re supposed to prepare for the impending doom of the hurricane. So we filled up all our dishes with water. Still not sure what we’re going to do with them. (Reader submission — Erika Hakanson)

8:13AM, East Williamsburg, Manhattan Just woke up. Good morning. Wasn’t awoken by wind or hurricane sounds last night. Pics of outside, and a giant thing of Coconut Water my roommate gave me. (Brandon)

This is a liveblog that captures the way we live–if the way we live is a Thought Catalog liveblog.

Thoughts and Feelings: Tao Lin’s Hurricane Liveblog