TripAdvisor Acquires Brooklyn-Based Travel Site Wanderfly

TripAdvisor gets social.

All your friends suggest you visit the Taj Mahal. (Photo: screencap)

Yet another fledging New York startup has been snapped up by a bigger tech company. TechCrunch reports that Brooklyn-based travel recommendation engine Wanderfly has just been acquired by TripAdvisor, a company which (let’s face it) could probably use a heavy-duty dose of startup cool.

Wanderfly’s comparatively tiny team still works out of the Yard in Williamsburg.

According to an announcement from their brand new corporate parent: 

“The Wanderfly team understands the value in social travel planning,” said Steve Kaufer, co-founder and CEO TripAdvisor. “They’re a great asset as we continue our developments in this area and I am delighted to welcome them to TripAdvisor.”

No dice on disclosure of the terms.

We can only hope for Wanderfly’s sake that no one is required to relocate to Newton, Massachusetts. TripAdvisor Acquires Brooklyn-Based Travel Site Wanderfly