Tumblr Users Can Now Get a Real Deal Analytics Platform [UPDATED]

Well, kinda.

Tumblr founder David Karp. (Photo: wikipedia.org)

One of the great frustrations of Tumblr has long been the unavailability of rather basic metrics–a major problem for a company that wants to be a hub for the world’s creators and brands, as well as a sophisticated advertising option. (It’s hard to get marketers to do much without offering access to some sweet, sweet ROI metrics.)

Soon, however, all those brands with purdy pages will have access to a real-deal analytics dashboard. That is, if they work with Tumblr’s preferred partner. In an announcement released today, the site has crowned Union Metrics as its preferred analytics provider.  

UPDATED TO ADD: We should clarify that brands participating in the Sponsor program already have access to a metrics dashboard that is reportedly pretty powerful. The partnership with Union Metrics opens an option up to the rest of us, from mere analytics-obsessed bloggers to brands who’d prefer to forgo the sponsorship offering.

Included in the statement is an enthusiastic endorsement from Tumblr revenue and marketing man (and former Betabeat columnist!) Rick Webb:

“We are psyched to endorse and recommend Union Metrics to brands and marketers so they can better measure their success on the network. No one has built anything similar and the intel the tool picks up on brands is amazing. This is a great new analytics product for brands on Tumblr, and we can’t wait to see what comes from this data.”

Included in Union Metrics’ offering:

• Powerful filtering capabilities that facilitate comprehensive tracking of any blog or topic
• Summary analytics showing overall engagement levels and trends over time
• Identification of influential contributors and curators
• Analysis of posts and tags to surface most popular content
• Individual post engagement analysis, including interactions over time, amplification trends and a reblog tree visualization, which clearly shows how posts spread through Tumblr

Finally, you can understand what your popularity among Bronies means for your brand awareness.

Tumblr Users Can Now Get a Real Deal Analytics Platform [UPDATED]