Unemployment benefit appeals bill released by committee

TRENTON – The Assembly Labor Committee released bill A3309, which would put a 60-day waiting limit from when an unemployment benefits appeal is filed, and when the applicant can collect their withheld benefits.

All the Democrats voted yes, and so did Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-13) of Plumstead. However, Assemblymen Jay Webber and Robert Schroeder abstained.

If an appeal hasn’t been successfully resolved within 60 days of the application, the applicant will receive all withheld benefits, according to the bill.

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-14) of Hamilton, said he has heard from constituents who have had to wait several months to receive benefits after filing appeals.

The bill also states that the claimant will not be required to repay any benefits paid prior to the date the decision on the appeal is made.

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association is opposed to the bill. Unemployment benefit appeals bill released by committee