Update Your Calendars: Jimmy Hoffa Still Missing, Still Dead

Mr. Hoffa remains all-time champion in hide and seek.

Jimmy Hoffa (Getty Images)

Less than a week ago there was news of a possible new burial site for infamously missing teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa. Police suspected at the time that Hoffa might be buried beneath the driveway of a suburban Roseville, Michigan home.

Today police in Roseville revealed that tests of the soil beneath the suspicious driveway came up with bupkis. They are done:

“As a result of these tests the Roseville Police Department will be concluding their investigation into the possible interment of a human body upon the property,” Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said in a statement.

Berlin said a battery of tests were conducted and “the samples submitted for examination showed no signs of human decomposition.”

Chief Berlin also said his department tried to keep their search for Hoffa under the radar, but that obviously didn’t work out well.

Jimmy Hoffa remains, for now, playing poker and smoking cigars in eternity with Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart and D.B. Cooper.

Update Your Calendars: Jimmy Hoffa Still Missing, Still Dead