Veterans’ group endorses Adler

Shelley Adler, candidate for Congress (NJ-03), has won the endorsement of Veterans’ Vision, a national veterans public policy advocacy publication, citing that she would be a strong advocate for veterans in Washington. 

Veterans’ Vision endorsed fifty-six candidates for seats in the United States House of Representatives equally splitting endorsements between Democratic and Republican Party candidates.

“Shelley Adler believes that one of the best investments we can make in our country’s future is to help returning veterans with job placement, heath care, and continuing education.  After her husband, former Congressman John Adler passed away, she and her sons established a national foundation to study what Congress could do to improve veterans’ benefits and help integrate them back into civilian life.  The goal would be to improve public policy by studying all aspects of veterans’ policy and integrate the results of that research.  She knows that the foundation will be a blueprint for real and lasting change for our veterans.  Veterans can county on Shelley Adler as a strong advocate for them in Washington,” said Veterans’ Vision in the endorsement of Shelley Adler for Congress in New Jersey’s Third District.

“I proudly accept the endorsement of Veterans’ Vision and appreciate its hard work advocating on behalf of veterans nationwide.  As Congresswoman, I will fight to honor the service of our veterans because there is no better investment in our country’s future than to help returning veterans with job placement, healthcare and continuing education.  It’s a travesty that so many veterans come home after spending five, ten or twenty years in a highly structured military environment, sometimes since the day they stepped out of high school, and then are completely set adrift with no guidance and no thought for their continued well-being.  It’s unconscionable,” said Shelley Adler.      

“Not only have veterans earned these benefits, we as American citizens should demand it.  We paid for their training in the armed forces and we must ensure that every veteran’s skills be put to work in the public or private sector.  Whether it’s logistics, computer tech, health care, security or plain and simple leadership and team building skills, these veterans have what our country needs.  In Congress, I will tirelessly fight to be their champion,” said Shelley Adler.  

Veterans’ group endorses Adler