Walmart is Now Selling an ‘I <3 Bronies' T-Shirt


(Photo: Equestria Daily)

Yesterday Walmart announced that it is beginning to test same-day delivery, much to the chagrin of its former partner Amazon. But you know what you can now get delivered from Walmart, hopefully same-day? Brony-themed t-shirts!

According to Equestria Daily, the #1 news source for all things brony, Walmart has begun to sell women’s t-shirts with “I love Bronies” emblazoned on the front. The only trouble with this, as the Daily Dot points out, is that Walmart has used the image for the old vintage 1980’s My Little Pony cartoon instead of the modern day update, which most bronies far prefer.

“This is the biggest fail in history,” wrote one brony, who does not possess historical perspective.

“Going to Walmart to buy these…then burn them,” wrote another.

A spokesperson for Walmart refuted the bronies’ claims that the company was just trying to troll their subculture. She told the Daily Dot that they chose the old school ’80s show “since that is what our customers respond to.”

The Daily Dot also reports that the shirts are already in 1,000 stores and will soon spread nationwide. Who wants to make a trip to Secaucus?

Walmart is Now Selling an ‘I <3 Bronies' T-Shirt