What Exactly Is Scott Stringer Running For?

Scott Stringer (Photo: Wikimedia)

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is most definitely running for office next year, the question is, which one? While Mr. Stringer has long been considered among the crop of likely mayoral candidates, there are mounting rumors and multiple reports he may instead run for comptroller. 

Mr. Stringer has certainly positioned himself as a potential mayoral candidate in the past few months, aggressively fundraising and getting out in front on several high-profile issues. However, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed Mr. Stringer is considering the option of running for comptroller and discussing the situation with key supporters. One insider even told us he is “leaning” towards running for comptroller.

So far, Mr. Stringer is keeping quiet about his plans for next year. As of this writing, his campaign has not responded to a request for comment about the issue.

It may be a while before he makes any definitive statement about his plans. One tipster who has communicated with Mr. Stringer told us, as of now, the borough president isn’t planning to make any final decision or official announcement until January. What Exactly Is Scott Stringer Running For?