Which Foolhardy Establishment Should You Drink In Tonight?

A depiction of Sons of Essex with windows neither boarded nor taped.

A cursory scan of Twitter indicates that you don’t have to be huddled by a candle on this hurricane-riven evening, catching up on that Henry James novel you’ve always meant to read–a few city establishments, particularly in Brooklyn, are not merely open but bragging about defying mother nature.

Williamsburg’s hip haven Union Pool has declared “SUCK IT SANDY.”  L.E.S. hotspot Sons of Essex has a special deal: $5 “happy hurricane hour” cocktails. The proprietor of uptown’s Dive Bar chain noted “yes we are open tonight, and yes we will be open tomorrow.”

Park Slope pizzeria Brooklyn Central may not know how ovens work: “1000 Degree oven > Hurricane.” And back on the Lower East Side, Cardinal offers a $10 sandwich/beer/shot deal for those who neglected to pick up provisions, noting: “Fuck the hurricane.”

Sure beats frozen pizza and bottled water.

UPDATE: Somehow we missed that Mario Batali’s Babbo is still open… and there are plenty of tables open! Which Foolhardy Establishment Should You Drink In Tonight?