Williamsburg Now Just Trolling the Styleblaster Spycam

That was quick.

(Photo: Styleblaster)

Styleblaster, a project installed by a handful of Brooklyn-based technologists that uses a camera to chronicle the sartorial choices of Williamsburg residents and upload the photos in real-time to the web, has quickly devolved into trolling.

When a Daily Dot commenter used Google Maps to sleuth out the address, it spread across the internet lightning-fast. The camera is situated in a window at 234 Driggs Ave., a block from the Bedford Avenue stop.

Now, Styleblaster has become the target of orchestrated trolling attacks from sites like Remezcla, which dispatched a blogger to strut in weird masks and costumes in front of the camera. Donning colorful masks, sombreros and big thick mustaches, they quickly racked up a fair amount of “tophats,” which is the style blog’s equivalent of an upvote.

The Remezcla team aren’t the only ones who have taken to mugging for the camera. Otherwise oblivious passersby quickly caught on once word of Styleblaster hit the web–one even gave the finger to the camera. Here’s a picture of a girl slurping a soda and making a “what up” gesture.

A “destination for New York City peacocks,” indeed.

Williamsburg Now Just Trolling the Styleblaster Spycam