After Hack Attack, Carnage Sweeps Like Death’s Scythe Through World of Warcraft

You might've heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

YOUR GOD CAN’T SAVE YOU NOW. (Photo: Screencap)

Is no Internet community safe from the outrageous depredations of the hackers? The latest victims of their villainy: World of Warcraft. Forbes reports that, on Sunday morning, a mysterious attack swept through the game, slaying thousands of avatars.

It was as swift and terrible as the coming of Ringwraiths.

Forbes reports on the terror:

“It was really weird. I was [away from keyboard] for like one minute, and when I came back I was dead and so were everyone else,” wrote one player on a World of Warcraft forum. “Really creepy. I wonder what happened.”

There’s footage of the killing fields here; be warned, however, that the video may disturb you.

In the forums are even more tales of the wholesale destruction. One player reported that, “Today at 14.30 Orgrimmar got nuked, killing almost everything except for a few NPCs, all players and most of the NPC civilization died including Garrosh and Gamon, our two greatest douchebags.” Betabeat has literally no idea what that means, but it sounds serious, like it was the Black Death meets the Rapture with a little Alas, Babylon thrown in for good measure.

Other players, after listening to the speculation, decided simply to light out for the territories and wait out the troubles. One noted that, “All I can suggest is that we stay outside the cities for now,” while another proclaimed, “I think I’ll go back to questing, Orgrimmar ain’t safe right now as I see it…”

Blizzard HQ offered what looked a little like condolences, if you squint:

“We apologize for the inconvenience some of you experienced as a result of this and appreciate your understanding.”

Fortunately all the lost souls can be resurrected because World of Warcraft is, after all, a video game. (Excuse us, an MMORPG.) After Hack Attack, Carnage Sweeps Like Death’s Scythe Through World of Warcraft