14 Essential Reaction GIFs for Thanksgiving

Because the Internet always understands.


Right now, you’re likely either on the road, braving the hordes for a last-minute Whole Foods run, or settling into your childhood bedroom. That’s because tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It’s a day for pigging out, but it’s also a day for socializing with people you rarely see. Thus you’re likely to face any number of awkward social situations over the next 48 hours.

While we can’t do much to bail you out when your great aunt asks why you’re living in sin with your boyfriend, we can provide the next best thing: an appropriate reaction GIF to express your feelings

When someone brings a “sweet potato casserole” that’s just a casserole dish full of mashed sweet potatoes, sans toppings:

When your second cousin shows up:

When everyone in the family persists in calling that steadfastly unmarried aunt’s female guest her “roommate”:

When your Grandma calls Asian people “Orientals”:

When you try to make cranberry sauce out of the can and it gets messed up:

When you have to explain what exactly it is you do again:

When your mom forgets to make the gravy:

When your dad gives you the “disappointed” face when realizing you still smoke / when your mom asks you if you really want that third slice of cake:

When you get to the only bar in town and it’s full of people you never wanted to see after high school graduation:

When your drunk Uncle uses his fingers to serve the turkey:

When you meet long-lost relatives and immediately understand why they were lost in the first place:

Pregnancy surprise!

When you show up with flowers for the table:

The mere mention of Black Friday:

14 Essential Reaction GIFs for Thanksgiving